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Photo: Jacques Lathion, Nasjonalgalleriet Oslo

Photo: Jacques Lathion, Nasjonalgalleriet Oslo

Elbe Bridge I
Elbe Bridge I
Photo: Jacques Lathion, Nasjonalgalleriet, Oslo

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Welcome to the Rolf Nesch website.

This site has been compiled by Nesch’s biographer in cooperation with experts at the National Gallery in Oslo.  Its text and pictures offer the best and most comprehensive Internet presentation of the life and work of this trail-blazing artist.  The various chapters contain prime biographical and art-historical material.

Biographical Overview traces Rolf Nesch’s life from his birth in 1893 in Esslingen in southern Germany, through his experiences in World War I and the European revolution in art of the interwar years, to his flight from Nazi-controlled Germany and his final years in his studio on a mountain farm in Norway.

The Artist presents Nesch as one of the greatest and most original printmakers of the 20th century.  There are also sections on Nesch the draughtsman, painter, and sculptor and creator of a novel means of expression, the “material picture”.

Public Collections provides a selection of museums and collections in Europe and the USA where Rolf Nesch is represented.

Bibliography lists books, articles and exhibition catalogues about Nesch.  There are also references to works that may be ordered via the Internet.

Pictures gives access to Rolf Nesch’s visual world, with a representative selection of his etchings, metal prints, drawings, oil paintings, sculpture, and material pictures.

News contains information on current exhibitions and publications.

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